What a difference a week makes...

Choosing which career to pursue can seem rather daunting. School pupils are required to select options for GCSEs and then for further studies or apprenticeships. These choices are frequently made with limited knowledge of what different jobs actually involve. To help address this, Snape Contracting host individuals on work experience each summer to get a flavour of the different career paths that exist within a construction and buildings maintenance business.

Just last week we welcomed Logan Watson for a week long work experience. Studying at Bournside School & 6th Form in Cheltenham, Logan is just finishing his Year 10 studies. With a keen interest in graphic design, he was interested to gain workplace experience to help him make informed career decisions.

Snape Contracting put together a comprehensive programme which saw Logan shadow individuals in various departments of Snape Contracting, including finance, accounts, marketing, administration, quantity surveying, contract management and on-site delivery. Logan also had the opportunity to roll his sleeves up and, with supervision, help out.

On Monday Logan was strongly in favour of a career in graphic design, however, by Friday he was leaning strongly in favour of what a career in quantity surveying could offer.

What a difference a week makes...

Darryl Hawkins, Managing Director, commented:

All of us at Snape Contracting would like to thank Logan for his commitment and interest during the week. We are glad to have been able to play a role in helping shape his decision making and wish him well in his upcoming GCSEs and future career.

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