Delivering our services can have an impact on the Environment. To mitigate this impact, we aim to continually improve our Environmental performance and to prevent pollution. Each year we set ourselves Environmental Objectives. All our employees are aware of these Objectives and their part in achieving them.


These Objectives are:

  • To reduce the Carbon Footprint of our vehicles.

  • To reduce the number of skips of construction waste going to landfill.

  • To reuse, recycle and recover raw materials and waste wherever possible

  • To reduce the amount of energy consumed in our offices.

  • To comply with ISO 14001:2015 & relevant legal requirements & regulations relating to our environmental aspects, & to conduct regular review & audits to ensure compliance.

  • To be attentive to the needs of local residents and local ecology, so far as our operations are concerned

  • To continue to achieve Construction Industry awards such as the Considerate Contractors Award.


The Directors of the company review the Environmental Policy and the Objectives annually to ensure that they are effective & appropriate.